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Happy 1 Year & my passion in photography

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Rainbow Butterfly!!


Wowsers!! Well I cannot believe that it has been 1 year since I properly launched my little website. It is quite exciting I feel I should do a little dance!!!

I am sad though that I haven’t been as active on my blog as I had hoped, but that is what comes with the world of living with a chronic illness I guess. 

I haven’t posted since May which was a post about my macrame projects. It has actually been extremely popular and I just received my fourth order for a macrame plant hanger over the weekend. So I am super pleased about that.

Sydney Cruise for BP’s 40th

Things have been a bit crazy since May due to it being my BP’s 40th birthday in early June. She decided quite spontaneously that we were going on a cruise which departed from Sydney. The drama involved in the organisation of that little holiday is a story for a post in my M.E/health section. I will share this information as it might be useful to those wishing to travel while suffering with M.E.

The holiday was fabulous. Not long enough though!! Great food, the occasional cocktail and great comedy shows!! The views over the ocean from hte back of the ship were amazing!! However it took me nearly a month to get over the post exertional malaise when we returned.

Pacific Jewel Cruise

View over the ocean

Hence why it’s been so quiet in Rainbow Butterfly land!

Passion in Photography

The butterfly has now emerged so in this post however I want to focus on sharing my photography journey with you.

I am limited in what I can take photographs of so I like to take photos of things around my house and yard. I like to try and see the beauty in everything. 

Watering can

Rusty old watering can in the back yard


Tortoise on the deck

Terry the Tortoise




Rusty Birdcage Butterfly

Rusty Butterfly

PIXLR – Photo editor program

I have also become obsessed with PIXLR, a program which allows you to create different effects with your photos in terms of colour etc. 

It is a very simple program to use and I want to share with you a few of the photos that I have come up with recently. If you wish to give it a go yourself the website to use is: 

Frangipani taken in my back yard

Andy Warhol style frangipani

Tree edited with carbon setting

Tree captured in a local park on New Years Eve – edited via PIXLR

Australian Iris taken in my front garden

Iris edited to look like a canvas



I have posted some of these on my Instagram page and you may have already seen them. Some of these are new.

ViewBug – Photography website

I have also posted some of my photos on to a website called View Bug. View Bug is a photography website where like minded individuals post their photos and you can enter competitions etc. Some competitions are free and others you need to be a premium member for. I haven’t won any competitions yet. However I have received some awards and peer awards, which makes me happy! Here is a view of my stats below:

View Bug stats

Awards given on View Bug

If you want to set up an account on View Bug yourself it is very easy and I encourage you to do so as the feedback is wonderful and encouraging!! You can’t see it in the above image but someone actually said that my image of the puppy dog at the bottom was “Jaw Dropping”!! To say that my photography ego increased ten fold is an understatement!!

To sign up for an account on View Bug just go to:

If you wish to check out my full profile click on this link: SonnyJ78

Ok well that is all for this post. More to come soon. I literally have thousands of pictures now!! 

Happy Shooting!!!

Stay Strong & Keep Smiling




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