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Forests for the Future

18 million trees planted

When you buy Eminence Organic Skin Care, we plant a tree for every product sold.

We Believe In The Power Of Planting Trees | The Impact Of A Single Tree



Over 18 Million Trees Planted Worldwide
Through our Forests for the Future initiative, Eminence Organics plants a tree for every retail product sold, allowing us to support communities in developing countries. 

Eminence Organics is the first and only skin care company to plant over 18 million trees!

Forests Can Change The Future
Trees help restore the environment, reduce the impact of climate change and create a greener planet for future generations. We’ve planted trees in more than 22 countries around the world. In developing countries, this helps communities grow their own food and build sustainable incomes for their families. Several climate-smart agroforestry practices have been developed to improve crop yields and revitalize soil health, water use efficiency and carbon storage.

Award-Winning Recognition
In 2016, Eminence Organics received the International Spa Association’s (ISPA) Innovate Award for Philanthropic Initiatives for the Forests for the Future program. The life-changing impact of the Forests for the Future initiative is only possible because of the ongoing support from our dedicated spa partners.

Children in Senegal thanking Eminence Organic Skin Care for planting 10 million trees

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A single tree can produce approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. Trees help lower air temperature to combat climate change while stabilizing the soil by preventing erosion through their roots. Trees contribute to the fertility of land through nitrogen fixation and increasing water penetration.

farmer graphicEminence Organics' Forests for the Future Program helps train farmers in developing countries on how to build productive and sustainable crops and farms. We plant a tree for every product sold, enabling the development of rural communities, empowering local people to restore their environment, grow their own food and build a sustainable income and future for themselves, their families and their communities. Eminence Organics is proud to be able to continually contribute to the development of these regions.


farmer graphic 2By planting specific types of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four-year period, families can positively change their lives forever. Program participants plant thousands of trees that provide families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuelwood and a 400% increase in their annual income in four years.


This program has achieved specific milestones including:

  • Over 200 farming families trained and supported – protecting approximately 2,000 people from extreme poverty
  • A total of 82% of farmers have seen significant income increases
  • At least 400,000 fruit, nut and forestry trees planted each year for household consumption and sale