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The highs and lows of 2016 & getting organised for 2017

Be more awesome than last year!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!!


We are nearly halfway through January 2017 already and 2016 is a distant memory.

Looking back on 2016 I am glad it is over and done with. It has been a pretty challenging year. I have learned a lot as well so there are definitely some good things in there too.

I always like to look at the positives in every situation. Although I haven’t achieved as much as I wanted, I know that I have done my best under the circumstances.

Ok, so here is a quick overview of the great stuff from this year:

  • Created tons of crochet and sewn items
  • Received a new camera for my birthday so I can take beautiful pictures of my creations 
  • Putting processes in place that make life easier around the house
  • 1 wedding & 4 babies!!
  • Launched my website along with opening my ETSY store and creating Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts

And here is some of the not so good stuff:

  • Started using a walking stick as have become very unsteady I need support when walking
  • Missing out on family holidays with BP due to my mobility issues and not wanting to slow others down
  • Financial issues – which I will not bore you with
  • Issues with family from both mine and BP’s not being able to understand what we are going through

The Issue of Money

So one of the main focuses for the best part of the year was how I was going to make an income once my IP stopped. This is when I decided to turn my hobby of crocheting into a money making enterprise. I knew that it wasn’t going to happen overnight and it has been a lot of work. There is still a long way to go but I finally launched my “brand” Rainbow Butterfly Creations.

Business cards for the Rainbow Butterfly

Beautiful New Business Cards!

So along with the website I now have an ETSY store, a Facebook page, and an Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest account.

With the nature of my condition and not really being able to predict how I am going to feel from day to day postings and updates on these accounts have been sporadic. I have upwards of 50 followers on each at the moment I think. And at the moment I am happy with that. Once I have all the little bits & pieces in place for automating this process, doing posts etc will become a little easier. (It would also help if I had a nice shiny new computer that wasn’t so slow!!)

Craft Market

I decided to hold a market stall at an exclusive Christmas Event. This was a little bit of an experiment really, I wanted to see what it was like and if I could handle it.

Carina Pop Up Market Dec 2016

My little market stall set up.

The answer in a nutshell is NO!! It was a lot of work getting everything ready beforehand, then packing the car, setting up, standing on my feet for 3 hours straight and then packing up again.

I did make just under $100 and I only paid $20 to have my stall at the location. Due to the fact that I made a lot of my items with materials I had already bought a long time ago I considered that to be mostly profit with the only thing being lost was time.

This is definitely not something I would be able to do on a regular basis. Now that I have all the tools required I am considering perhaps holding a market for special occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas etc.


Another highlight of this year was the acquisition of my beautiful Nikon DSLR camera. I decided that if I was going to take this business stuff to the next level I would need to be able to take decent pictures of my “works of art.”

Nikon DSLR

My very first photo with the Nikon!

This was an amazing investment!! My pictures are wonderful!! There really is no comparison to a regular camera. My sister took me along to a short photography course which was invaluable as we were taught how to use the camera properly without using the automatic setting.

I have been playing around and entering some of my pics in photo contests and a couple of my photos actually received peer awards!!

Getting organised for 2017

I read an article a little while ago on the Attic 24 blog. Lucy described a diary/journal which was called a Life Planner. I thought this was an amazing idea. The one Lucy got was from America and is quite expensive, but you can choose your own photos for the front and back cover to personalise it. Including the shipping fees, this one was a bit out of my price range.

I just happened to find mine at my local newsagent.  It is a Collins Debden Diary/Planner/Journal. It has heaps of space to record appointments and has a planning section that is split into Business, Personal and Family life. I always make “to do” lists at the beginning of each week and never had much room to do that in my old diary. I think it is fantastic that I can now make lists for each part of my life! This new diary is definitely going to keep me more organised by keeping everything in one place.

Diary/Planner/Journal for 2017

My new best friend for 2017!

New diary/planner/journal for 2017

Daily pages of new diary/planner


Planning too far ahead is difficult at the moment as I am unable to predict what my health will be like. The great thing about this diary is that I can just look at a month at a time or even just a day at a time if I need to.  

So here is to more challenges & adventures in 2017.

I am ready to take you on!!

Gonna make it happen in 2017

Im Gonna Make it Happen!!

Keep smiling and stay strong!

SMJ x 



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