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Introduction to Ayurvedic Health & Wellness

Ayurvedic Diet and Food

Why I turned to Ayurveda.


A few years ago I was suffering from some really bad stomach issues. Cramping, bloating, constipation, pain and food intolerances were just some of my symptoms. It was debilitating. I had been seeing doctors about this condition for a long time. I had been tested for ceoliac disease which was negative. The doctor then recommended a colonoscopy to check if anything else was going on.

After the colonoscopy revealed nothing, I decided I needed to take action! My Dad told me about a doctor he has been seeing in Eumundi. He was an ayurvedic doctor. As I live in Brisbane this was not convenient for me. So i set about finding an Ayurvedic doctor in Brisbane.

Back To Health

I found the Back2Health clinic in west end. Ayurveda (or “knowledge of life”) is one of the world’s oldest and most respected systems for health and wellness. The clinic incorporates visits with the doctor and treatments that the doctor recommends along with diet, nutrition and supplement recommendations.

Science of Life

The Science of Life

During my first appointment we discussed everything about my health and she explained that it was important to look at health holistically. This was music to my ears. I have always been frustrated with the way that GP’s do exactly the opposite.

She set about giving me recommendations to help with all of my health issues. Diet, mental health, endometriosis were the main three priorities.

Ayurvedic Diet

The first thing she got me to do was to get on to an Ayurvedic Diet. By asking a few specific questions the doctor can determine what “dosha” your body type is and then the foods you eat are tailored to that dosha.

She also recommended some teas, supplements and some treatments that specifically help with stress and depression.

Taking on the Ayurvedic way of life has been a life changing decision for me. It just so happens that I love Indian food anyway, so I love the food and recipes.

This was just an introduction to my experience with Ayurveda, if you are interested in learning more check out my next post where I will go into more detail about the different “dosha’s”

Pita, Vata, Kosha

The Three Dosha’s of Ayurveda

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