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Photo shoot with my furbaby Ziggy

Nikon DSLR

Photo Shoot with Ziggy

I have had Ziggy in my life now for 9 years now and during that time I have taken literally thousands of photos of her. My photos of her, however are now of a much higher quality since the acquisition of my DSLR camera last year. I feel that I can now refer to my series of photographs as

Photo Shoot sessions because they are so much more professional now!

As you will see she is a very unique girl who only has one eye, so I love capturing her one eye in close up shots and making the colours stand out amongst her black fur. I also love the way her white whiskers stand out prominently. 

She has a few little places in the garden that she loves to hang out so it is great getting pictures showing her exploring the jungle that is our garden!

The first picture I ever took of Ziggy with my new camera was the one of her hiding under the hedge. I was so impressed with this photo. I love the way the green of the hedge creates a beautiful border around her.

Some of the following photos are from a couple of different photo shoot sessions with Ziggy.

Some are direct from the garden with no filters at all. The pictures of her on the deck I have edited with a couple of filters I used from FOTOR.



It is a lot of fun taking pictures of your fur babies. Sometimes however, it can be a little tricky to get that one perfect photograph.

Here are a few tips that I have learnt to make photo shoot sessions with your pets more successful:


  1. Make it fun for your cat or dog..use treats, toys, boxes etc to keep them interested.
  2. Use natural light..the garden is the perfect place to capture shots without the need for flash.
  3. Get down to their level…taking photos at their level produces the most natural view.
  4. As well as portraits, try to photograph your cat or dog in action – yawning, licking lips, jumping, playing etc…this way you will capture their personality as well as their beauty

If you would like some inspiration and ideas about how to get the best pictures, head to the Zoo Studio website. The Zoo Studio is a Brisbane based pet photography company. The photographer Ken Drake has won many awards. They also do wonderful work for charity. I found out about them through the calenders they produce for Greencross Vets (which is where Ziggy goes for her check ups!) On the website’s gallery you will find many examples of the types of photographs Ken takes. He takes photos of all types of animals too not just cats & dogs. 

So now you have a few tips and inspiration, go out there and click away!! 

Happy shooting!!

Keep smiling!!

SMJ xx





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