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About The Rainbow Butterfly

Rainbow Butterfly

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my website!

The Rainbow Butterfly was created because the two metaphors “there is always a storm before a beautiful rainbow” and “a beautiful butterfly emerges from an ugly caterpillar” have made me look at life in a very different way. I want to share that even in the most difficult and tough periods of your life there is always a way to find beauty, strength, courage and happiness to move forward. It is tough, but it can be done.

In my blog I will be sharing with you:
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
  • In June 2014 I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) I would like to create awareness about this condition as it is not very well understood and as yet there is no cure.
Crafty Stuff
  • I have been pretty much housebound since June 2014 due to mobility problems and severe increase of symptoms after any type of activity. So to stop me from going insane during that time I have learned the arts of origami, sewing and crochet. Crocheting especially has been a great therapy for me due to the repetitiveness. My creations have become very popular with my friends and family, many of whom have asked me to make specific items for them.  I decided that it would be great to share my creations with others. I will also post information about resources you can use to get started if you want to give it a try yourself!
Health & Wellness
  • In my past life I used to be a personal trainer. Even though I m unable to exercise properly myself now that knowledge is still firmly lodged in my brain! I have managed to develop a few ways that help me to keep my strength and flexibility. I know that this is a concern for many people with M.E. so I am happy to share my nuggets of wisdom in the hope that it will help others.
Diet & Nutrition
  • Due to chronic tummy issues, I am on a (mainly!) Ayurvedic diet. Ayurveda is “the knowledge of life” which has been practiced in India for centuries. Ayurveda is not just a diet but a way of life and is all about balance.
The Art of Being Frugal
  • Living on a very limited income has also forced me to be very strict on budgeting and being very resourceful around the house. These are tips that I think a lot of people will benefit from, as one of the worst things about being sick and not being able to work is stressing about money.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting my site and that the information is useful to you.

Stay strong and smile,

SMJ xx

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